No driver in the skidding car

When there is nobody, the body acts perfectly to take care of itself: it happened that my car came to a skid on ice and… I was no longer there; it was all happening without me being in the way, and the body reacted faultlessly: all was perfectly calm, it didn’t brake, adjusted coolly the direction, all happened seamlessly… I didn’t do it all, it was just happening on it’s own accord. Then the car came out of the skid and “I” came back.

I am not a spiritual person, so I didn’t do a big fuss about it, but I did notice the shift and its sort of cool graciousness. Later I came across spiritual messages, and what it was talked about resembled a lot this glimpse, so the seeking started… But it has been receding slowly over the years. BTW I am practising mountain sports and sometimes it also happens in effort of climbing or gliding on skis… There is pure being and nobody doing it in these moments, where the bodily effort effortlessly happens.